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ams Laboratories' scientific standing and expertise make the company a most valuable resource as both an analytical laboratory and as consultants to assist the client in navigating the regulatory approval process. In case after case, ams Laboratories’ work has earned the respect of clients, peers and regulators. Over recent years our business has expanded to include testing of Pharmaceutical, Medical Device,Biotechnology, Cosmetics , Food and Beverage,Plumbing Product Certification-related testing and some Chemical/Physical testing.

Using internationally approved methods, standards, equipment and guidelines, ams tests products for quality control, research, vendor compliance and against regulatory requirements so that the client can be sure the product or service offered is safe and meets regulatory compliance.

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Sydney Office

Address: 8 Rachael Close, Silverwater, NSW 2128
Tel: +61 2 9704 2300
Email: info@amslabs.com.au

Brisbane Office 

Address: 2/120 Bluestone Circuit, Seventeen Mile Rocks QLD 4073
Tel: +61 7 3295 0550
Email: info@amslabs.com.au 


1. TGA Licence issued to ams Laboratories(Brisbane).

We wish to inform our clients that following a successful GMP Inspection, the TGA has issued a Licence to our Brisbane Laboratory for Microbiological and Endotoxin Testing. The site was also granted NATA accreditation to ISO17025 late in 2013 under the Branch AccreditationScheme. Pleaase see
our credentials page for futher information, or contact us on 07 3295 0550

2. ams Laborarories announces the opening of a new laboratory in Brisbane(NEW)

Laboratories is pleased to announce the opening of a new laboratory in Brisbane. ams Laboratories specialises in providing GMP microbiology and related services to the therapeutics industries, including medical and veterinary pharma, medical devices, biotechnology, tissue therapy, cosmetics and "cosmeceuticals".

We are further delighted to announce the appointment of Mr Francis Frame as Manager of the new facility. Francis is from Brisbane and has significant microbiology, quality and management experience. He will be happy to assist our Queensland based clients with their testing and consulting needs.

The modern facilities are located at:
Unit 2, 120 Bluestone Circuit
Seventeen Mile Rocks  QLD 4073
Tel: 07 3295 0550
Fax: 07 3295 0555
Mobile: 0421 756 235
Email: francis@amslabs.com.au

3. ams Laboratories introduces BioFlake™to the Australian market.(NEW)

The AusBiotech 2012 conference in Melbourne saw the introduction of BioFlake™to the Australian market. This innovative product range uses patented technology to produce a range of pharmacopoeial reference strains sourced from the ATCC™. Organisms are sold in certified low numbers, less than 5 passages from the reference collection.This is a key requirement for growth promotion testing and demonstration of method suitability for microbiological testing of the harmonized pharmacopoeia, namely the BP,EP,JP and USP. All materials are produced according to the ISO Guideline 34 document.

With the growing emphasis on using plant specific environmental isolates in validation and growth promotion studies, AMS Laboratories will offer the service of producing clients'own isolates in the BioFlake™format. This will enable much costly labour saving in maintaining strains for ongoing use.
In fact, you can use our extensive experience and sophisticated equipment to identify your organisms also. This is all part of our mantra of offering quality services and innovative products at affordable prices.

Contact us for more information.

4. Sterility Testing of Cytotoxic Drugs is now available at ams Laboratories.(NEW)

5. Vitek MS(Mass Spectrometer) - Rapid Identification of bacteria and mould isolates service is now available at ams Laboratories.(NEW)

6. ams Laboratories are proud to announce the establishment of a Probiotics Laboratory to assist customers with the enumeration and identification of probiotics organisms in Nutritional Supplement, Food and Therapeutic Products. Clients can be assured that their analyses will be in the very best of hands. Contact us for an obligation-free quotation to assist with your probiotic testing needs. (NEW)

7. We are now able to offer Ethylene Oxide (EtO) and Ethylene Chlorohydrin (ECH) Residual Testing for Medical Devices in accordance with ISO 10993-7: 2008 (E). Turnover Time is 5 Working Days. Please contact Sandhya Singh (Sandhya@amslabs.com.au), Manager for Chemistry and Toxicology for further information. (NEW)

  • Dr Priscott attends EDQM Conference on Alternatives to Animal Testing.

AMS Laboratories is Accredited/ Licensed by: NATA, TGA, APVMA, OGTR & FDA Registered